Career Counseling

Career Counseling

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” — Stephen Covey

Career counselling is about making informed choices about your career and education, understanding the work trends and working on understanding self better to make these choices with good judgment. Career counselling even helps in managing poor concentration levels to poor time management as well as the family conflicts that happen on the decision of a good career choice.

When To Come In For Career Counselling

At any point during the time of choosing a career, people can face difficulties. As students, people are still trying to understand what they wish to do in life. Even a graduates, it can be difficult  for them to fully understand their options, especially on the basis of their abilities, and capabilities for any given career.

It is best for a student to think of their future pre-emptively, so they choose the appropriate subjects, and options for higher education. Career counselling can go a long way towards that.

Here, at Buddhayan Counselling, seek to guide people to career where you can be happy with the work you do.

How Can Career Counseling Help?

Find your interest and skills

Career counselling has become an important part of decision making because of various ways it can help. It is necessary for you to be fully aware of your personal interest as well as  options available to you after finishing their education. Understanding your innate skills to gain confidence in your decisions and validating your interests with it.


Realize your strengths and weaknesses

It’s equally important to know what are the gaps which might come in between of your success, as it is to know what you are good at. The sessions with the therapist will help in creating a safe and confident environment to feel empowered about the career. The career counselling will be of help in following ways,

Our Therapy Process

Your first step is to call us to schedule your initial appointment. We work hard to pair you with a therapist that we believe will be the best fit for you and your current struggles.

Your initial evaluation session provides an opportunity for you to build rapport with the therapist and provide them with some background about yourselves and the reasons you are seeking counselling. In addition, they will be able to answer your questions regarding services, confidentiality, and what to expect in therapy. With your best interests in mind, you will decide together what kind of treatment will benefit you the most.

In career counselling we use Psychometric tests to help you find the best career path and help you and your family resolve any mutual conflicts during the decision of the correct career choice.

We do have different categories in Career Counselling, which you can discuss while making an appointment or even during the first session.

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The Benefits of Career Therapy

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